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Hanford Commodities, LLC
10700 Hanford Armona Rd
Hanford, California 93230


Office: (559) 582-9086

FAX: (559) 582-3616


Business Hours

Office Hours:


Monday - Friday   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Production Plant Hours: 


Plant will accomodate customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We offer yellow grease, brown grease, tallow and other non-food grade vegetable oil.

Product Catalog

Here you will find an overview of all products available for immediate delivery. Please note the product number and place your order by clicking here.

Product # Product Type Code
101 Yellow Grease Standard hc4389yg
102 Brown Grease Standard hc5771bg
103 HC-Golden Reserve 100% All Natural hc4893gr
104 HC-All Natural Feed Lot Custom Blend hc4201fd
105 HC-All Natural Diary Custom Blend hc7447ND
106 HC-All Natural Swine Custom Blend hc3332sw
107 HC-Prime Feedmill Prime Blend hc9422fm
108 HC-Prime Feedlot Prime Blend hc3113FL
109 HC-Prime Diary Prime Blend hc7535PD
110 HC-Prime Organic Veg. Oil #3 Prime Oil hc1137PV
111 HC-Prime Organic Veg. Oil #9 Prime Oil hc9939PV
112 HC-Tallow #23 Tallow hc8215TW
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